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CBTB has a fantastic Membership program that allows for students and artists of ceramics to become independently more advanced in their work, plus be a part of the clay community here at Clay By The Bay.  

To become a member you need previous experience working in clay.  If you haven't worked with clay yet we recommend taking a class at CBTB!  Learn how to mold and shape clay while meeting new people in the SF Bay Area.  You could even sign up for a class with a friend!

As a member of Clay By The Bay, you will receive the following perks

  • Unlimited open studio use 7 days/week 10 AM-9 PM
  • Large, permanent shelf space to store all your tools and work
  • Dedicated members-only wheel & table work stations, to make sure you can always have a place to create
  • Craft Fair enrollment fees waived
  • Unlimited Free Glazes
  • Unlimited Free Firing*
  • NEW: Priority enrollment access for classes and workshops
    • Early Enrollment for each class session
    • $100 off any Intermediate or Advanced class ($50 for new members with us less than 3 months) 
    • 1 Free workshop per calendar year!**


*size & quantity may be limited due to production / firing capacity, but we will never charge you extra fees for firing, however Clay must be purchased from CBTB to ensure it is the correct firing temperature and won't ruin other members' pieces and/or our kilns

**must be actively-enrolled member during the workshop for which you attend

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