FAQ & Safety

Clay By The Bay strives to be one of the leaders in studio safety.  We have made many changes to our layout and safety protocols in response to COVID-19.  Please read the info below and make yourselves aware of our safety protocols.  This is in order to keep each member, student, and employee safe.  


    • Please do not come into the studio if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.  Be mindful and respect one another as well as our staff and the world at large. 
    • Each person coming into the studio must sign in and sign out.  This is so we know how many people are in the studio at any given point.  The staff will be working to ensure we are to code regarding the amount of people in our building at one time.  
    • No one will be allowed into the studio without a mask.  Masks must be worn in the studio at all times.
    • You must bring in your own water bottle or drinking device.  Paper cups will not be provided to anyone until further notice.  
    • Please bring in/store your own personal tools, clean up sponges, and rags on your shelves.  Community tools, clean up sponges, and rags will not be provided to anyone until further notice.  If you do not have your own personal tools/clean up sponges/rags you can purchase disinfected supplies from our front desk.  
    • No eating/drinking is allowed in the studio.  The microwaves and fridges have been removed until further notice.
    • If you feel that an individual in the studio is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms in the studio please speak with a staff member immediately and we will respond appropriately.    
    • We have updated each sink and restroom to have automatic hand soap and paper towel dispensers. 
    • Antibacterial gel will be distributed around the studio for personal use. 
    • No community towels will be used until further notice.
    • The studio will be sprayed down with disinfectant in the morning before opening, once every hour we are open, and once we’ve closed at night.
    • Bat pins will be located at the front desk for use.  They will be in a bleach water soak and must be returned into the bleach water soak after using a wheel.  
    • Heat guns will not be provided at this time, but you are more than welcome to purchase one and bring it into the studio for personal use only.  
    • Our clean up water will have some bleach in it and will be cleaned out daily.  We actually always added a bit of bleach to the water prior to COVID, but we will be adding a bit more than we normally do.  This helps disinfect all tools, splash pans, and anything else being cleaned up.    
    • Each wheel will be disinfected after it has been used.  
    • Small handbuilding canvas will not be used communally, but we will be selling them as a part of a toolkit.  
    • Gloves will be provided, and must be used, for those that wish to use the slab roller/extruder/glaze mixers.