2-Week Pottery Mini Classes

2-Week Pottery Mini Classes

These classes are designed for students to dive deeper into interesting / challenging aspects of the ceramic making process, more often, and with more focus. Minis will cover topics that our regular 6-week courses are unable to fully tackle, therefore we're breaking them out into special mini classes.  Skill levels will vary from beginner to advanced, but since they will run every 2 weeks, students will be able to find something fun, continuously!


  • Instructional Classes will be held for 2-hours, 2 weeks in a row 
  • Content will be focused on 1 specialty topic within ceramics (for example Jewelry Making, Handles, Sculpture, and more!!). 
  • Each class will then be repeated for the duration of the 6-week course, so students can take it again, switch to another class, or pick & choose the 2-weeks that work for their schedule!  Every 2-week session will be standalone!
  • Specific prerequisite skills / classes may be required for some Minis as they'll jump right into the process - others will be open to any skill level.  Find the right fit, and get creative!

Each class will have their own curriculum, designed and taught by instructors from all over the Bay Area, refreshing every 6-weeks.  These classes are a fun, exciting way to teach pottery skills.

Quick Facts:
  • Shared shelving will be allocated for class work in between class 1 & 2
  • NO OPEN STUDIO access alongside these classes, unless pre-existing Open Studio access is already in place  (i.e. have an active registration in another 6-week class or monthly membership). 
  • Completed pieces will be fired after the class (and in-between each class if necessary).  

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2-Week Pottery Mini Classes