SOLD OUT! - Intro to Pottery Wheel Classes: Jan.-Feb. 6-week online (w/ Open Studio Hours)

SOLD OUT! - Intro to Pottery Wheel Classes: Jan.-Feb. 6-week online (w/ Open Studio Hours)

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This class is geared to those with little or no clay experience! Classes are online through Zoom during a set time each week with 2 hours of instruction.  You are then able to come into the studio for Open Studio Hours to practice what you learned online!  

Over the course of 6 weeks, you'll learn about the different stages clay goes through during the making process, as well as the tools and techniques used to create wheel thrown and hand-built pottery. We'll teach you how to design and glaze your pieces, and you’ll be able to use everything you make once you’ve finished the 6-week course!  


    • A 12-lb bag of clay
    • Firing/baking of your pottery
    • Glazes/materials
    • Use of studio machinery, tools and equipment
    • 18"x14"x15" personal shelf storage space at CBTB
    • Access to Open Studio Hours (Monday-Sunday 10 AM-6 PM). This access is unlimited during the 6-week course!
    • Online class sessions- time to tune in, meet new people, and ask your instructor questions while being entertained!  Watch your instructor create and discuss making pieces on the wheel.

Projects include: Cylinders/cups, bowls, dishes, glazing of your wares, and more!

Follow-up class suggestions: Repeat Intro to Pottery Wheel and Clay 2-3 times then register for in-studio membership or intermediate and/or advanced courses and workshops!


  • Q: Can I make up a class?
  • A: Yes!  All classes will be recorded to watch at a later date/time if you happen to miss the class. 
  • Q: When are Open Studio Hours?
  • A: Monday-Sunday from 10 AM-6 PM. Hours are subject to change during workshop days, but 7 days notice will be given to students.
  • Q: Can I ask questions during the Zoom class?
  • A: Of course!  Part of the reason why we're using Zoom is so we can interact with one another and the instructor.  
  • Have more questions?  Not a problem!  Please email us at