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Advanced Woodfire Prep & Techniques - 12 Week Course
Advanced Woodfire Prep & Techniques - 12 Week Course

Advanced Woodfire Prep & Techniques - 12 Week Course

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Classes begin week of May 18th

First Day of Class: May 23rd

Learn the nuances of throwing and building pots, textures, and surfaces for ceramic wood firing! Over the course of this 12-week advanced course, you’ll study:

  • Creating a variety of forms and shapes that are safe and suitable for wood firing
  • Do’s and don'ts of shapes and attachments when wood firing
  • Specialized surface treatments for leather-hard, bone-dry, and bisqueware
  • Making stands & barriers around your pieces to manipulate the flow of flames & how they change the surface of your work
  • Textural surfaces and shapes to manipulate how flames decorate
  • Creating cups, handled mugs, bowls, pitchers, altered forms, plates, and small sets / miniatures

The class fee is $695 which includes 2 bags of clay, glazing and firing fees, and use of all tools and equipment at Clay By The Bay!  As with all of our classes, each student will receive their own shelf and have access to Open Studio Hours. This access is unlimited during the 12-week course.

For this course in particular, you'll have the opportunity to buy and use high-fire cone 10 clay, with access to high-fire slips and glazes for decoration. Pieces may be bisque-fired as normal through us, but glaze firing will not fully vitrify the clay so we recommend saving them for a proper wood firing!

This course comes with the opportunity to submit up to 5 pieces for firing in our future woodfire kiln in winter 2020! We will also be hosting an amazing opportunity to join us for a hands-on 7-day wood fire, kiln-building, and raku retreat in the mountains of Occidental, California! Click here to learn more.

Suggested prerequisite: Intro to Pottery Wheel & Clay (1-3 times), Next Step: Wheel, Surface, & Glaze (1-3 times).