RESCHEDULED: AUGUST 2023 | Carly Slade (She/Her) - Proper Mould Making

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Clay By The Bay is thrilled to be hosting Carly Slade (@carlyslade) for our AUGUST 2023 workshop artist (Rescheduled From MARCH).

100% of the registration proceeds will be donated DIRECTLY to the artist, to support the ever growing community of talent we strive to nurture  


Carly Slade grew up in "Big sky" Alberta, Canada. Her work is influenced by
her blue-collar roots and plagued by a concern for the precarious nature of the
working class. Using a mix of materials (most often including clay, embroidery,
and building supplies), Slade creates dioramas of real places in an unreal

She received her MFA in Spatial Arts from San Jose State University and her
BFA in Ceramics from the Alberta University of the Arts. Slade moved to
Humboldt County in August to take the position of Assistant Professor and
Ceramics Area Head at Cal Poly Humboldt in Arcata. Most importantly she is
the keeper of the world’s blep-iest kitty, Oscar.

For a look into her studio and to see what she is working on now you can
check her out on Instagram @CarlySlade (FYI: her stories are mostly of the
couch papaya plep-ing) or on her website


Dip your toes into the exciting world of plaster
moUld-making for slip casting with me! That’s right, for this workshop we’re
working with the Queen’s English, get used to it, Canadian hide u’s in all sorts
of words…

In this workshop you will learn about the working properties of #1 Potters
plaster, what are undercuts, how to part a mould, how to make a 2-part mould
and about the process of slip casting. This class will provide you with the
foundation needed to explore more of slip casting’s potential afterwards such
as multi-part moulds or coloured slip. I will also share how I use multiple
moulds to create a singular large object.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my love of mould making with you. It will
be a labour of love and it’s my honour to share my skills with my new
neighbours in SF.

WORKSHOP MATERIALS REQUIRED: Please bring up to 5 objects that we
will select from to make your mould of. They can be found objects of ones you
sculpted from clay (clay must be wet). Keep it simple, 2-part mould can’t be
made for complex shapes.

WORKSHOP TIME & LOCATION: Friday night will be an Artist Talk from 7-9pm where everyone in the community is invited to meet & greet the artist and hear more about their craft!

Saturday & Sunday from 11am-3pm you will have a reserved seat to learn from the artist and work along side them to expand your ceramic skillset!  Registration will be for BOTH events, and a lunch break will be included. 

All activities will be hosted at Clay By The Bay's facilities (1618 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, 94109)

We can't wait for you to join us!

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I’ve now taken a few classes at Clay By The Bay, all with different instructors - all have been wonderful experiences. It’s fun to see how different people teach the same concepts and find what clicks for you

Allara U.

I love the studio! I use it as often as I can to practice and create! As a student - you get access to it every day of the week! I’m so happy that I found this place and discovered this hobby of mine ☺️

Santa R.

Can't recommend this studio enough, and I'd definitely consider getting a membership here in the future.

Anthony K.